Want to spice up your life?


Start by understanding male sexuality. 

  1. orgasm and ejaculation = not the same thing 

Science has clearly demonstrated that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate functions that happen in two different parts of the brain. Alfred Kinsey discovered this in the 1940s, but even earlier, ancient Chinese and Indians knew that orgasm can happen for men multiple times without ejaculation. It is through masturbation that most men have fused these two functions, but through repetitive practice with self-pleasure techniques, anyone can separate them out.


  1. ejaculation is tiring for the body

Even a couple times per day can reduce sperm count for more than five months; even one day of ejaculating two times or more can reduce libido and testosterone levels for anything between a week to a fortnight. In a famous study of nematodes, otherwise known as worms, the worms that did not spread their seed lived two thirds longer. Mantak Chia quotes this in his book on the multi orgasmic man.

  1. Men, like women, have hormonal cycles

True! Just like women, without the bleeding. There are times of the month when men are more horny, and this is when their testosterone levels are higher. At these times, it is natural for the body to ejaculate, and for him to want more sex! At other times, the body requires more rest, so it’s a good idea for him to lay off ejaculation, or slow down.

  1. Erectile dysfunction might be an early sign of heart disease

The penis requires adequate blood flow to become erect, and problems with blood flow are a sign of heart disease. So rather than worry so much initially about the performance of the penis, it’s important to have a health check, and make sure that not getting hard is actually NOT about a more serious medical condition, particularly before prescribing medication. The best ed treatment takes the whole of the body’s health into consideration.

 5. the average time a man is erect during intercourse is 5 minutes

Yes, it’s true. If that doesn’t work for you or your partner, there are many things that can be done to increase this time (see my website for tips and information). But it’s important to remember that men evolved to get in and get out – to sow their seeds to propagate the human species! Natural wiring leans in this direction, so lasting longer in bed is about training the brain to do things differently!

For more facts on male sexual health and links to great sex instruction videos, sexuality coaching videos.


Change is hard to do, but it doesn’t have to be


Changing habits is hard to do especially with premature ejaculation

Lots of people incorrectly think that change should not be easy, that naturally, change or recovery is just a procedure that involves trouble. This is really relevant to the desire to keep going longer during sex. Nevertheless, it’s in virtually true in many areas in life that change need not be difficult.

Many men struggle with early climax, and people who’ve been battling for a long time, perhaps decades, become despondent at times. Naturally, it can be daunting to seek change. Yet if you’re seeking therapeutic help, then you obviously believe change is possible.

The perhaps astonishing and truly amazing fact is that it generally does not need to not be difficult controlling your sexual response-time. Occasionally it requires a brand new method of some mindful masturbation, plus some fresh ideas that you simply haven’t run into before! Usually, when the physical causes aren’t there (that is, no health issues), then it’s only an issue of thinking and performing differently. I would recommend some simple at home applications to conquer pe, natural pe treatments, and enhance sexual vitality.

I have discovered that change is simple when men use some basic mind-training methods alongside masturbation practice. Frequently it actually occurs fastest at the unconscious level. Several sex instruction videos can also be useful, as can private coaching with a  qualified sexuality coach.

If you’re studying this with shock, questioning how on the planet this all came to be, think about this: whenever a child first starts to masturbate,  he does it rapidly, in secret, in order to not be seen. Along the way, he’s embedding the process in his sensory pathways. His body is taught to respond with a fast climax.

Studies have confirmed, nevertheless, over and over, the mind is plastic. Which means the mind could be retrained to truly have the body react differently. It’s called neuro- plasticity. What this signifies is extremely, very easy:

Try a brand new method, which creates new sensory pathways in your mind. You’ll do it without actually recognizing it…it all happens over time.

Therefore, it doesn’t need to be challenging (simply difficult, haha).