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Are you in to spring – cleaning?

For centuries, health experts have lauded the value of spring – cleaning the body. In much the same way as you need a holiday or time – out from your work, your body also needs time – out from its work. One of the traditional methods of cleansing the body is fasting. The fact that many people report feeling so much more energized after fasting is a testimony to the fact that making energy is as much a result of improving the body’s ability to detoxify as it is about eating the correct foods.

However, not everybody feels more energized because of fasting and not always right away. Once the body begins to eliminate toxins, if the liver is not up to the job, symptoms of intoxication can occur. So modern day detox regimes tend to use modified fasts in which the person follows a low toxin diet with plenty of the key nutrients needed to speed up the body’s ability to detoxify.

Prevention is better than cure, so if you are relatively healthy and want to promote or maintain the highest liver function, then you must cut down on your intake of toxic substances, eat an optimal diet and follow a balanced nutritional supplement program. If you are in athlete, bodybuilder or serious fitness enthusiast, you should detox at least once a year for a week to make a major difference in your energy levels.

However, before you undertake spring – cleaning your body, you have to do a little homework first:

Complete this questionnaire to discover whether you need to improve your detox potential.

Do you often suffer from headaches or migraine?

Do you suffer from itchy or watery eyes or swollen, red or sticky eyelids?

Do you have big dark circles under your eyes?

Do you often have a stuffy nose or sinus problems?

Do you suffer from acne or skin rashes?

Do you sweat a lot and have a strong bad body odor?

Do you experience joint and muscle aches?

Do you have a sluggish metabolism and find it difficult to lose weight, or are you underweight and find it difficult to gain weight?

Do you have to pee frequently and urgently?

Do you suffer from nausea or vomiting?

Do you regularly have a bitter taste in your mouth or a furry tongue?

If you answer ‘yes’ to six or more questions you need to improve your detox potential.

If you answer ‘yes’ to between three and six questions you are beginning to show signs of poor detoxification and need to improve your detox potential.

If you answer ‘yes’ to fewer than three questions, you are unlikely to have a problem with detoxification.

Plan your detox regime. It is best to start at the weekend or during a time when you do not have much going on or during a holiday. Most people never complete a detox regime because they start it at the most inappropriate times.

1. Walk at least an hour every day.

2. Drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day (distilled, filtered, purified or bottled). You can also drink herbal teas, which contain milk thistle, sarsparilla root, dandelion root, Echinacea and red clover – they stimulate the liver to improve its toxin-removing functionality.

3. Drink about 500ml of fruit or vegetable juice a day. Combine 200ml of carrot juice and 200ml of apple juice with 100ml of water and grated ginger. Alternatively, you can blend the flesh and seeds of half a watermelon in an electric blender. The husks will sink to the bottom, leaving the seeds at the top, which are high in vitamin E and antioxidant minerals zinc and selenium.

4. Eat plenty of fresh fruit. Apricots, berries, oranges, kiwi, papaya, peaches, mango, melons and red grapes have the highest detox potential.

5. Eat plenty of raw vegetables, such as peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, tomato and seed sprouts.

6. Eat the following foods in moderation:

Grains, such as brown rice, corn millet and quinoa: not more than twice a day.

Fish, like salmon, mackerel and tuna: not more than once a day.

Eat only a handful of nuts and seeds a day.

Use cold pressed seed oils, like pumpkin seed or sesame seed, for dressings.

7. Make sure you include the following supplements: 2g daily of vitamin C, 2g daily of MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), two servings of an antioxidant complex and a serving of aloe vera juice.

8. Avoid red meat, dairy and wheat products. Also, avoid eggs, salt, artificial sweeteners, fried foods, spices and dried fruit.

Do not be surprised if you feel worse for a couple of days before you feel better. This is highly likely if you are eliminating foods to which you are allergic or upon which you are dependent.

Do you spring – clean your body regularly? If not, follow the steps in this article and experience a new surge of energy and vitality.

Yours in health and peak performance,

Christopher Govender (Diet and Nutrition TV)