Free Telecare Services For The Medical Traveler

Free Telecare Services For The Medical Traveler
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Telecare services for medical travelers just makes sense, for more than just the health care. It’s a booming industry with a big open window of opportunity!

My wife has spent much of her time, as a surgical technician, working in the health care industry as a medical traveler. We’ve traveled from coast to coast, in both directions, in pursuit of her career as a surgical technician. While I will admit that I liked going from place to place and experiencing new things, the one thing I absolutely did not like was not having health insurance. While some companies, like Aureus, offer an insurance plan to cover people while working a travel assignment, the plans are expensive and usually take away from the real reason most people accept medical travel assignments… the pay. If you travel to the right part of the country the pay for being a traveling medical professional is very good.

That being said, those who are working travel assignments through companies like Aureus Medical Group and All About Staffing don’t like having to spend the lion’s share of their income with an insurance company. In the short time a travel assignment usually takes it’s not uncommon to spend the money and never need the services paid for. Granted, if a major medical emergency should arise while working on the road as a medical traveler, the insurance coverage can be beneficial. I speak from experience when I tell you, though, that it’s not worth it if you don’t use it. It’s just another expense that takes money from the bottom line.

There’s a pretty good chance that if you are reading this post, right now, that you are either a medical traveler or are looking for information pertaining to travel assignments or companies to choose from. Before you spend more money than it may be worth to you, on other forms of health care coverage, there is a better way.

Telehealth and “doctor on call” companies are rapidly growing in popularity because of their low cost yet efficient services. The majority of the testimonials we have heard, regarding the quality of the services, are very favorable. My wife Tamara has started using a service, recently, that saved her over $80 on a Saturday evening when she needed antibiotics. From the time she requested the service, through a HIPAA compliant medical profile, her privacy had been verified, appointment set, appointment completed with prescription called in… in 36 minutes. She was able to do that directly through her mobile phone. The entire event only cost us $2 out of pocket for the co-pay through her work related prescription plan.

Something like this would have been a Godsend when Tamara was working as a medical traveler. This would have prevented unnecessary spending on services we had to use through some of the medical travel companies and per-diem jobs. As you can imagine, the night that she came home from work and saw this she knew, instantly, what this was and the help it will offer so many people who are stuck in alternative situations that cost more than they should.

We were introduced to telecare by a friend of ours six weeks ago today. Today, as I am writing this post, Tamara now has unlimited free health care services, 24/7/365. She paid $39.95 to start using the services and earned free unlimited service for referring three other people. Because she chose to become a consultant (standard membership is only $19.95 for unlimited service, refer three and free) she also earns money through the company for referring others to the service.

Free Health Care Services For Medical Travelers?

As Tamara’s husband, if I would have had access to something like this when we were traveling, as a business? By sharing the discount prescription plan, alone, you can generate a significant income stream. Each time someone redeems a card you have distributed, at their local pharmacy, they save 30 to 85% on prescriptions and diabetic supplies. At the same time, you earn $1 each time a card is redeemed.

As a medical traveler, or someone who is looking to become one, the services alone are worth having just for the savings. For those who see the bigger picture and are willing to share this service with others, the potential to earn a significant income, as a medical services consultant, are just too good not to put into the mix.

It’s the most simple, nd common sense business model I’ve ever seen… and I’ve been in this industry for 14 years. My wife and I recently decided to team up on this because both of our experiences are a perfect fit.

Either myself, or Tamara would be more than happy to speak with you regarding medical travel, assignments or answer any questions you have regarding free telecare services for medical travelers. Call 239-692-1468 and let us know a time that works best for you.


Rex and Tamara Harris