Private Healthcare in CA High Blood Pressure Health Remedies

Private Healthcare in CA High Blood Pressure  Health Remedies

Private Healthcare in CA High Blood Pressure Sign Up for more Updates! http Check Out my Website Been feeling terrible lately and with no insurance I don’t go into the doctors office lightly. Thanks for all your prayers.

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@rockstarofredondo If you mean it costs something in the wider sense then of course it costs money???? Doctors, Nurses, Equipment, Bills have to be paid, how else can they provide an essential service to the public? Nothings free in this world, you have to buy loo roll just to wipe your own ass.

The only difference is, in my country health insurance companies don’t have the monopoly like they do in the states where the almighty dollar comes before the people. Just don’t get sick in America.

@Lousypenguin You pay for private health insurance here if you choose to. I personally don’t. I pay for each service individually when I visit a clinic & doctor of my choice. People who buy health insurance & are young & healthy have simply made a bad choice. & just because it was not paid for by you, doesn’t mean it was free. SOMEONE paid for that service, & that someone was forced to pay. GET IT? I really don’t think that you do. =/

@rockstarofredondo Its not as simple as that. Sat fats are good for you I agree because they increase our circulating cholesterol that we need for the reasons you stated, but they also increase very low density lipoprotein in our body and this can risk causing atherosclerosis (only really a risk with a sedentary lifestyle) and ultimately contribute to HBP in addition to circulating carbs. I don’t know if George gets exercise to bring his heart rate up near its max often but I doubt it.

@rockstarofredondo Are you asking me or telling me? If you read my above post correctly you’ll see I was a student!???? I didn’t earn money at the time and it still didn’t cost me a single cent?? And where did you get 6 months from???? When I broke my leg I was seen to immediately, when I was getting my wisom teeth out 5 weeks. We pay a PRSI contribution every week in this country but it really is pittance. You’d pay more in America for your private health care premiums.

@Lousypenguin It’s still not free, you just don’t pay up front at the doc & you don’t have a choice when you see him/her. You have to wait, 6 months? You are paying for it in what is stolen from you in what they call “taxes”. See? Not free. You must misunderstand what the term “free” in this context means, among other things.

@rockstarofredondo Eh it is free, I had to get 4 wisdom teeth teeth as a student, free of charge. Broke my leg when I was 17 and only had to pay €17.50 admin charge. So yeah healthcare in my Country is free, sucks balls to depend on the American Healthcare system. Up until 1986 your healthcare system could let you DIE if you didn’t have health insurance, really says alot what your government think of you. Break your leg in America, requiring an operation $50,000. Sucks to be you.

@Lousypenguin It’s not free. You guys pay for it in money stolen from you, i.e., taxes. We are robbed here too, but your claim that it’s free shows a total misunderstanding of what is happening in reality.

Your high blood pressure is probably due in part to your consumption of grain & sugar products. You should look into a low-carb/natural carb only lifestyle. You’ll lose weight too.

@DuncanL7979 This is untrue & based on junk science. Sat fats are the best fats for you & your body & brain need them to perform all functions. High blood pressure is caused by consumption of large amounts of sugars/grain products (carbohydrate).

This All Nothing But A Pyramid Scheme. They Have The Drugs To Wipe Out Cancer, Aids And Other Diseases. They Just Want To Make Money Off Of People Slowly Dying WHAT A SICK WOLD THIS REALLY IS!!! THERE ILLNESS IS MONEY!!!!

@judutchinski My sister works in a nursing home, It’s horrific. Best to die when your gives out and not end up a Zombie lying in your piss and shit waiting for some Mex to come wipe your ass. Just live dangerously and you will die before you end up in the living hell of a nursing home.

George why bother with that shit? Just eat less salt and less saturated fats and your blood pressure will come down.

@chrisjstone1975 probably more than i should. i have a job that has health insurance. i live well beneath my means and have zero overhead. i am happy. got my lab results this morning too. my ldl is excellent however i need more vitamin d. i bought some sardines. i like sardines. life is grand.

$99 Dollars!!! Fuck me in Ireland it’s free. Why do Americans put up with this shit!?

We have a similar program here in new york through the Lords Hospital. But you have to be working, they don’t take unemployed people. You have to go through the state and get on Medicaid, which is harder to get and harder to find Docs that take it. But due to budget problems, they are cutting the Medicaid program, so I’m pretty much relying on free clinics at this point and that’s a wait of at least 4 hrs.

The problem is conventional health insurance overpays the health industry’s outrageous prices. Prices would’ve never got so high and unaffordable if conventional health care insurance had never existed.

george you need exercise not pills for blood pressure

man i cant fuckin wait to be six feet under. I love my job, my woman is hot, but not looking forward to major illnesses and geriatric complications later. I know ill be one of those that shits themselves. Just thinking about this shit gives me the willies.

If an when Obamcare finally does take affect, expect to see more of this popping up all over the country. Good for you for helping to provide people information about an alternative that they probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

George, your unemployed and living with relatives. Go to the ER and let the state pay. If the illegals can do it, why not you?

I have gone to the doctors in Commie Fornia , And All of Them Require that you pay them in Cash . If Not , You have to pay them a Surcharge for using a Debit or Credit Card

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@lucifuehrer And how much do you pay monthly for the right to pay $20 co-pay? Or is it Medicare? In which case, everyone is paying for that co-pay.

Now imagine if there was competition to that private system and how much cheaper it could be than it was. Right now the state sponsored health care system/insurance makes sure that you pay out the nose for health care. I totally understand having catastrophic health insurance if you have to go to the hospital, but day to day, just makes you pay a LOT more.

The way healthcare should be, nice report George.

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