Body Weight Exercise

Body Weight Exercise

One of the quickest ways to lose weight and get fit is to do exercise routines of body weight. body weight exercises do not require a gym or any other expensive equipment. Can do at home or outside when the weather is nice for a big change of pace.

The popularity of training camp continues to grow as thousands of people are seeing how fast this style of working delivers results in strength and fat exercises loss.Bodyweight deliver rapid results because there are a lot of muscle coordination and stabilization that is required to perform many of the movements that forces you to work harder in general.

You burn more calories and working more muscles while giving the most efficient training. Here are some ideas of body weight exercise can add to a rapid start high workout.Feet Push – doing push-ups with feet elevated on a box or chair adds another dimension of difficulty and is a great addition, if you need something more advanced .Feet can be placed at different elevations to add variety. This also serves as the core of your body will work hard to stabilize this movement to keep straight.

Chair Dips – this is an exercise that will work very hard triceps and once again brings closer together the necessary coordination and muscle burns more calories. They face two chairs with their feet up and rest one hand on the other while sitting on the edge. Then slowly go down to the floor about 90 degrees and not very deep, and is pulled rotator cuffs.Pull Ups – this is the best exercise you can do for your back and biceps. The pullup can be done with a variety of grips and underhand grip so it is a chin up or palms pullups or wide grip depending on the bar.

If you do not have a pullup bar Gymnasium Iron is a simple piece of equipment that can be placed in a door frame. It is a great investment and will allow many of the hooks according to the version you buy. The pullup will build upper body strength as else.Planks anything – a great way to end a workout is body weight tables. Simply enter flexion down to the elbows and keeping your back straight. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds and a couple of games of this.

It may seem simple, but after holding for a few seconds you will notice the entire body of work to keep steady.Jumping Jacks – to add some cardio to your exercise program of weight you can do a few jumping series 30 to 60 seconds. This is an excellent general conditioning exercise that works the whole body and get the heart rate going.These are just some ideas and there are literally hundreds of more exercises you can add to a training camp. Put some time aside for a few days a week and undergo a fast circuit and you will see the results in the mirror more quickly than we ever thought.

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